Welcome to McMinnville's Premier chimney cleaning page, we provide thorough, intensive cleaning for your chimney. Our competitors brag that they can clean a chimney in about 20 minutes; however, we believe that taking the extra time to do a detailed job is worth the hour we use to clean your standard Open Fireplace or Free Standing Woodstove chimney. Woodstove inserts without liners and pellet stoves can be cleaned in approximately 2 hours. Yamhill County's Premier Chimney Restoration and Reconstruction Experts!

Yamhill County Sweep & Masonry is honored to offer you complete reconstruction and minor repairs for your chimney.  Our licensed technicians and Masons are trained to identify problems and actuate the appropriate adjustments.  No issue is too big or too small for us.  We identify chimney and masonry problems at no charge to our customers.  Free Estimates, please call or Email today! Implementing, the premium Duct Cleaning Technology to clear your air ducts.  Many other companies only use the RotoBrush system for servicing the ducts.  This is a very inefficient tact, and leaves you needing the service more often than necessary.  For example using the Totobrush system takes approximately an hour and half to clean a 2,000 sq. ft house.  While, our cleaning method is an intensive process usually resulting in an a five hour process for that same 2,000 sq. ft house.  When searching for Duct Cleaning specialists, it is very important to do your homework.  Do not be scammed into too good to be true special prices.  If so it will result in an inefficient job and/or you and your family being ripped off..  Our state-of-the-art Duct Cleaning process is the best in the industry! DRYER VENT CLEANING

Did you know that there are 15,000 fires a year from dryer vents? If it takes more than one cycle to dry your clothes, that is a good sign that your dryer vent needs to be cleaned! Clogged dryer vents are not only a serious fire hazard but it also will cost you an extra $20 to $30 dollars a month in electricity and a chance you will ruin your dryer.
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Welcome to ChimcareWe would like to welcome you to Yamhill County's choicest Chimney Sweep, Chimney Repair and Air Duct Cleaning Company! We pride ourselves on premier service. We regard your home as our own, treating your abode with the utmost respect and care. We offer complimentary estimates for our services. Our licensed Masonry Contractors will provide you and your family with optimum service in all of our services, including chimney cleaning, tuckpointion, crown repair, chimney repair, and chimney building.

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In addition to these services we provide premium Air Duct Cleaning and Dryer Vent Cleaning. We offer first class service for Yamhill County - McMinnville, Newberg, Sherwood, Dundee and surrounding areas! While all the other companies in the area claim to do an adequate job in air duct cleaning, we pride ourselves on doing the most efficient job possible. We are the only company in the area to implement two air duct cleaning machines in our cleaning process. With our company you can be rest assured that quality comes first!

We Promise you our service is incomparable! Please do not hesitate to give us a call, as stated all estimates are at no charge to you! We also service a wide area which includes these cities from Sherwood to Newberg and down to Independence and all nearby cities! So don't hesitate to pick up the phone!


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